Margarita Hernanz


Research Interests

Dr. Hernanz specializes in the following fields of research

  • late stages of stellar evolution: white dwarfs, isolated and in interacting binary systems, stellar explosions on white dwarfs (novae and type Ia supernovae).
  • Nuclear astrophysics: nucleosynthesis, chemical evolution of the Galaxy, galactic radioactivity and cosmochemistry, impact of nuclear physics.
  • High energy astrophysics: X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy (theory and observations with XMM-Newton, Chandra, Swift, CGRO, INTEGRAL), instrumentation for future hard X/soft gamma-ray missions. She is Co_PI of the WFM instrument of the LOFT (Large Observatory for X-ray Timing) satellite, one of the four M3 mission proposals accepted by ESA in 2011 for assessment phase study.

She has been and is project manager of several projects, with funding from Spanish National Research Programmes, participation (both as PI or co-I) in several bilateral and multilateral European projects (with France, Italy, Portugal, Russia…), and in projects with funding from the Catalan Government. She is PI and co-I of many approved proposals to XMM-Newton, Chandra, CGRO and INTEGRAL satellites. Co-I of feasibility studies of future gamma-ray missions (ESA, NASA). In addition she is member of XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL Time Allocation Committees as well as of various MEC (Spanish Ministry of Education and Science) evaluation panels.