Miquel Nofrarias


Research Interests

My area of research is Gravitational Wave Astronomy. Gravitational waves are currently providing a new insight to our understanding of the Universe. Future space-borne gravitational wave detectors will open the low-frequency (milliHertz) measuring band, enabling the study of a complementary set of sources (super massive black hole mergers, galactic binares, etc.) with respect the ones observed by on-ground gravitational wave detectors. Our group led the design of the Data and Diagnostics Subsystem on board LISA Pathfinder, an ESA mission that launched in 2015 to demonstrate the key technologies required for gravitational wave detection from space. My interest focus on experimental research going from the development of ultra-stable sensors to data analysis techniques. I am currently leading the experimental activities towards the design and development of the Data and Diagnostics Subsystem for LISA, the future gravitational wave observatory expected to launch in the 2030s.